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About Us

Regent Commercial Real Estate exists to serve clients by partnering with them to solve their real estate problems.  We believe that people choose a real estate broker for two reasons, character and competence, which is why we take on every assignment with integrity, intelligence, and energy.  The type of real estate problems that we solve range from helping your business locate the optimal space to lease to assisting in putting together a team for your next real estate investment property.

Leasing Space

There are many factors that go into finding the best space for your business to lease.  In most situations the following factors are the most critical:  location, price of the rent, functionality of the space, and the business terms that the Landlord is willing to offer.  Having completed over 600 lease transactions in partnership with a variety of real estate agents we can assist you with rank ordering the criteria that are most important to your business.  Having a weighted criteria list allows us to put a structured search process in place to sort through all of the listings on the market to make sure that you choose a location that will serve your business for years to come.  We have experience in industrial, flex, retail, office, medical, and land; we look forward to partnering with you.

Lease Vs Own

One analysis that many businesses will undertake is lease vs purchase, or is it better to lease space and not take on the extra work that comes with owning property and have the flexibility to expand as the business grows, or does it make sense to be in the real estate business and own the property that the business occupies.  While some of this analysis comes down to personal preference, there are objective metrics that we can walk you through to determine project future warehouse and office needs, determine where your capital has the highest rate of return, in the business or in real estate, and what your long term strategy is for the business, and whether you want real estate to be a part of the eventual sale or exit from the business.

Buying Property

After undertaking a lease vs purchase analysis we can assist you with selling an existing building and finding a space to lease if you decide that owning property no longer makes business sense.  If the best decision for your company is to own the real estate that you occupy we can assist with finding an existing building to purchase and renovate if necessary, or going through a site selection process to find the best piece of land for your business to purchase and build a new building on. 

Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Historically real estate has been a reliable way for investors to build wealth slowly over time.  A combination of property appreciation, debt pay down, rental income, and favorable tax laws have made real estate a key component of a diversified investment portfolio.  We can help you determine your long term investment goals, assemble a team of professionals to put a corporate structure for the investment group in place, recruit local investors, select and acquire investment property, lease and manage the property throughout the hold period, and help you determine when the optimal time would be to sell the property.


Development is one of the most exciting things that can be done in the realm of real estate.  Whether you are redeveloping an existing building, doing a market study to determine what the demand would be for a new project built on raw land, or developing lots for others to build on, being a developer requires working through a strategic and deliberate process.  This process includes doing a feasibility study to forecast the demand for a particular business concept, working with city, county, and state government leaders in cases in which the property needs to be rezoned or remediated in the case of a brownfield development, working with a team of architects, land design engineers, and contractors in order to design, bid, and build the actual structure; and having the right real estate team in place to sell, lease, and manage the development once the property is built.  We can help walk you through the process to make your development dreams come true.

Project Leasing and Property Management

Project leasing and management is a key component of maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.  We believe in partnering with ownership groups to discover what their strategic objective are and putting a proactive leasing and management plan in place to achieve those objectives.  Whether it is leasing challenging suites within your portfolio, marketing available space for let, solving problems with high maintenance tenants, performing a market rent analysis to determine how your property compares to the competition and what other units are in the market, or any other issue that needs to be solved we would like to be your long term partner.


Another service that Regent CRE offers is strategic consulting.  At times you may a specific problem that needs to be solved, have a strategic decision to make, need market data for a valuation of a property, require a corporate real estate decision approach across multiple markets, or have a task that needs to be accomplished in an unconventional way.  We specialize in providing customized solutions to real estate problems, and can partner with you as your consultant on a short term or long term basis to solve those problems.

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